Taking care of your voice is our goal.

Professional Voice and Swallowing Care

Professional Voice Emergencies

Professional singers are vocal athletes. They must take adequate care of their vocal instrument so that they can keep up with vocal demands. Our center provides multi-disciplinary care that combines evaluation by a physician and a speech pathologist in order to restore the voice. We also work in tandem with academic and professional trained vocal coaches in order to provide adequate training to vocal professionals.

Professional singers and individuals who depend on their voice for a living (teachers, politicians, performance theater, preachers, etc.) are susceptible to vocal emergencies. If you loose your voice during vocal performance or during demanding vocal tasks you MUST stop using your voice IMMEDIATELY and contact us soon as possible at 787-426-2554 or email our physician at drlgiraldez@icloud.com.

If a vocal emergency happens:

  • DO NOT Talk or Sing
  • AVOID doing gargles of any sort
  • AVOID irritant foods
  • Visit an Otolaryngology trained physician for an endoscopic evaluation of your voice box
  • Contact us so we can schedule you for an emergency appointment