In-Office Laryngeal Procedures

Modern day management of certain vocal fold pathologies has shifted a number of procedures from the OR to the office setting. Advances in the field of local anesthesia have enabled us to anesthetize the patients voice box confidently in order to perform procedures without pain or discomfort for the patient. In our center we offer in office treatment for paralysis of the vocal folds, pre-malignant diseases of the larynx, benign lesions such as vocal fold scar, polyps and granulomas. We also treat neurological diseases of the larynx with BOTOX. We also perform in-office biopsies and pan-endoscopy (advanced evaluation of the esophagus, trachea and throat) for head and neck cancer patients. We offer the following procedures in our office:

  • Laryngeal Videostroboscopy (Evaluation of the vibration of the vocal cord)
  • BOTOX for Neurologic Diseases of the Larynx
  • Vocal Fold Injection Laryngoplasty for treatment of Vocal Fold Paralysis
  • 532-nm KTP laser treatment for pre-cancerous vocal cord lesions, polyps and granulomas
  • In-office steroid injection for vocal cord granulomas and vocal fold scar
  • In-office esophagoscopy, bronchoscopy and laryngoscopy